who we are and why we do what we do

Healing with Gemstones..

“It is time for us to awaken and tap into the deeper parts of ourselves, into the magically powerful energy that is offered to us by this very planet we inhabit.” As above, and so below. - Sonali

In December 2017, Grazia Magazine rated Rosado among the top 10 upcoming labels in India. Gemtherapy wellness gifts have Been a part of companies like Bharti Airtel, Rupa Publications, Centum Learning and Hermosa among many others. Gem Therapy by Rosado has been a part of prominent homes like the Ambani residence in Mumbai to cozy homes in Dubai, South Africa, NYC and California, to the small studios of spiritual healers across India.

Elevating the energy/aura around you, one gemstone at a time

The powerful energy of stones, packed into everyday home essentials. When used as everyday products, these gemstones will not feel like some kind of treatment but a part of our daily life.

1. Utility along with a story: The base of design at Rosado is to create products that take in the powerful energy of crystals while serving a purpose and yet remain aesthetically appealing. In effective way to have gemstones around you effortlessly.

2. Objects d’arte : The idea remains to amalgamate gemstones with other natural elements to elevate your space, so it can look like works of art and not medicine.

3. Gemtherapy should blend into small décor and utility elements in your house, workspace etc with these objects.

4. Gemtherapy is a Neat, simple way to turn Basics/Essentials into constructive problem solvers as each gemstone carries its own healing properties, providing a unique solution. Some products have the potential to make great gifts.

The Inspiration

In August 2016, Rosado was founded as an initiative to take the unmatched craftsmanship of the ‘Jaipur Karigar’ to the world and bring back the worthy appreciation that provides better working conditions for them.

Enhance your healing experience, choose your fit.