Designed with natural elements that can help you heal & indulge in the wellbeing of the mind, body and soul.

Gifting is an art, and we’re making it easier than ever with a range of presents for all occasions, from soirées big and small to housewarming parties and intimate brunches. Whether you’re hoping to be a gracious guest or the perfect host, giving the perfect gift has never been simpler.

Some of our picks to manifest your vibe.

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Best Sellers

Amethyst RakhiAmethyst Rakhi

Amethyst Rakhi

₹ 170
Tiger Eyes RakhiTiger Eyes Rakhi

Tiger Eyes Rakhi

₹ 170
Pearl Rudraksha RakhiPearl Rudraksha Rakhi

Pearl Rudraksha Rakhi

₹ 180
Pink Agate Stone RakhiPink Agate Stone Rakhi

Pink Agate Stone Rakhi

₹ 180
White Agate Stone RakhiWhite Agate Stone Rakhi

White Agate Stone Rakhi

₹ 180
Blue Agate Stone RakhiBlue Agate Stone Rakhi

Blue Agate Stone Rakhi

₹ 180
Moonstone RakhiMoonstone Rakhi

Moonstone Rakhi

₹ 180
Bhabhi BraceletsBhabhi Bracelets

Bhabhi Bracelets

₹ 220
Labradorite RakhiLabradorite Rakhi

Labradorite Rakhi

₹ 180
Gem Elixir - Amethyst

Gem Elixir - Amethyst

₹ 3,850
Rose Quartz 7 pc Vanity Set - RosadoRose Quartz 7 pc Vanity Set - Rosado

Rose Quartz 7 pc Vanity Set

₹ 27,500
Eye Mask - Rosado

Eye Mask

₹ 5,499