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Amethyst for Anxiety

Intention Candle - ProtectionIntention Candle - Protection
On sale

Intention Candle - Protection

₹ 1,099 ₹ 1,180
Gem Elixir - AmethystGem Elixir - Amethyst
On sale

Gem Elixir - Amethyst

₹ 3,250 ₹ 3,850
Aroma Diffuser - AmethystAroma Diffuser - Amethyst

Aroma Diffuser - Amethyst

₹ 1,650
Amethyst Face RollerAmethyst Face Roller

Amethyst Face Roller

₹ 2,750
The Amethyst Aroma Gift BoxThe Amethyst Aroma Gift Box

The Amethyst Aroma Gift Box

₹ 2,830

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Gua Sha - Rose QuartzGua Sha - Rose Quartz
On sale

Gua Sha - Rose Quartz

₹ 899 ₹ 1,000
Face Roller DIY With 5 HeadsFace Roller DIY With 5 Heads
On sale

Face Roller DIY With 5 Heads

₹ 2,990 ₹ 3,250
Gua Sha Butterfly Rose QuartzGua Sha Butterfly Rose Quartz
On sale

Gua Sha Butterfly Rose Quartz

₹ 1,450 ₹ 1,650


Passing On The Positive Energy.

The Science behind healing through gemstones

and Natural elements

All Gemtherapy products are super-charged by a master healer


The art of gemstone design

and meticulous handcrafting..

Experimenting with all things natural, Creating with local craftsmen, the story behind Studio Rosado and Sonali’s journey with GemTherapy as a way of life..

The rosado studio

The art of gemstone design


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